How We Work

  • Lenton & Associates is owned and operated by senior strategic people with a main board background in
    the corporate and not for profit sectors. We have extensive experience of developing strategy and
    implementing plans for Professional Bodies.
  • We provide strategic planning advice and operational and structural planning on a ‘sequential project’ basis.
    This means you use us only as and when you need us, but you get all the benefits of continuity and
    experience of a dedicated director.
  • We agree a brief and a budget and then execute it using proven implementation techniques which are
    competitively priced.
  •  In addition to the personal involvement of the principals in every plan, each operational element is overseen
    by an experienced director.
  • In the event that we are called upon to implement your plan your time is added into individual plans as a
    ‘project management’ fee, so there are no retainers.
  • We implement plans across a broad spectrum of corporate work including reconstructions, acquisitions and
    mergers, strategic blueprints, operating plans and change management.

“Winning is important be it in sport or in business. Winning and retaining customer preference is critical”