About Us

1. Where can you turn for corporate advice and operational planning specifically designed for Professional Bodies?

2. How can you get access to high-quality, ‘big consulting’ thinking without paying ‘big consulting’ fees?

3. How can you implement effective plans without spending (or wasting) a fortune?

Lenton & Associates was formed specifically to provide an answer to these questions.

Our approach is based on helping our clients focus on the key strategic, structural, corporate and operational issues that will actively drive business effectiveness. By engaging with our clients’ overall business thinking, we can plan and implement plans that build real value into our clients’ businesses.

We are a team and part of our process is to espouse the team ethic in what we do and how we develop strategy. People are the most valuable asset in any business.

This approach is already delivering tangible benefits to our clients (talk to us and we will happily put you in touch with them – no need to just take our word for it).